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The Boundary Layer, Urban Meteorology, and Land-Surface Processes Seminar Series is hosted in the National Weather Center by the School of Meteorology on Tuesdays from 2:00-2:50p.m. CT.

Convener: Elizabeth Pillar-Little
Live: Google Meet
Recording: YouTube Channel
Information: Syllabus


Long-Term Boundary Layer Evolution in the CHEESEHEAD 2019 Campaign and its Role in the 19-20 July 2019 Severe Weather Outbreak
Random Errors in the Stable Boundary Layer: Implications for Modern Observational Techniques


A Sneak Peek into Techniques for Improving Boundary Layer Height Measurements
Identification of Flash Drought Events using Machine Learning Techniques
Thermally-driven turbulent secondary flows: Prandtl’s secondary flow of the third kind
Dependence of Retrieved Cloud Properties on Environmental Conditions in Cold Air Outbreaks over the North Atlantic: Results from COMBLE
Disentangling the relative contribution of land-atmosphere coupling toward the evolution of extreme events