Upscaling the Coupled System of Water Flux and Heat Exchanges near the Soil Subsurface – towards Coupling with Atmospheric Processes

Feb 7, 2022 3:00 PM — 4:00 PM
Virtual: Google Meet
Dr. Rosangela Sviercoski


Models that predict the simultaneous movement of liquid water, vapor, and heat in the shallow subsurface have many practical interests, given the critical role these processes play in the global water and energy balances. Given the limitation in computational capabilities, the soil, and its spatial heterogeneity as well as many other important details describing the interaction between heat and water near the subsurface are big challenges to accurately be accounted for in current global climate models. In this talk, I will first present a new 3D formulation for the non-linear coupled system that describes the interaction between water and heat near the soil surface, considering the soil’s heterogeneity. Then, its corresponding 3D-upscaled (homogenized) model will follow. The coupling with the surface and atmospheric parameters is achieved by using the energy balance equation, as boundary conditions, taking into account parameters such as air temperature, solar radiation, among others. I will present a comparison between numerical results and field data for estimating temperature and soil moisture for the 1-D case. The data used were taken at 2cm, 7cm and 11cm depths, respectively, using TDR probes for a period of 11 days. The use of such upscaled model allows a more accurate prediction of evaporation and water’s budget to be used into large-scale climate modeling efforts to better quantify the change of the climate, its forecast, and its impact. The idea of this talk is to seek collaboration within this group to pursue further research in this area. Keep in mind that to apply Mathematics, there is the need of the applied people involved, who can really serve as guidance for improvements.