On the Evaluation of the Proportionality Coefficient between the Turbulence Temperature Spectrum and Structure Parameter


The turbulence temperature spectrum and structure parameter are related through a widely-adopted proportionality coefficient. We formally derive this expression, and present further evidence, to demonstrate that this coefficient is too large by a factor of two.

Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 77(8), 2761–2763
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Dr. Jeremy A. Gibbs
Dr. Jeremy A. Gibbs
Research Meteorologist

My name is Jeremy Gibbs. I am a Research Meteorologist at the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory. My research includes computational and theoretical studies of atmospheric boundary-layer flows, turbulence modeling, land-surface modeling, parameterization of boundary-layer and surface-layer interactions, and multi-scale numerical weather prediction. I am currently working on projects to improve atmospheric models in the areas of scale-aware boundary-layer physics, heterogeneous boundary layers, and other storm-scale phenomena.