BLISS Team Engages with Norman Public Schools Aviation Academy

In an exciting step towards fostering local STEM education, three members of the BLISS (Boundary Layer Integrated Sensing and Simulation) team recently visited the Norman Public Schools Aviation Academy. Tyler Bell, Lydia Bunting, and Tony Segales shared their expertise with high school students, offering insights into the applications of Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) in meteorology and providing an overview of our current research initiatives.

The team discussed field deployments and showed off our platforms to the students.
The team discussed field deployments and showed off our platforms to the students.

Bridging Aviation and Meteorology

The presentation focused on:

  • UAS applications in atmospheric science
  • Current BLISS research projects
  • Career opportunities at the intersection of aviation and meteorology Our team tailored the content to engage and inspire high school students, demonstrating how their interest in aviation could lead to exciting career paths in scientific research.

Building Local Partnerships

This visit marks the beginning of what we hope will become a lasting partnership between BLISS and the Norman Public Schools Aviation Academy. By engaging with local students, we aim to:

  • Integrate students into real-world research projects
  • Expose young minds to diverse career opportunities in aviation and meteorology
  • Foster a connection between academic research and local education

Cultivating Diversity in Science

At BLISS, we believe that building diverse scientific communities starts at the local level. By reaching out to students who have already shown an interest in aviation, we can:

  • Open doors to careers they might not have considered
  • Provide mentorship and guidance from working professionals
  • Encourage underrepresented groups to pursue careers in atmospheric sciences

Looking Ahead

We’re excited about the potential of this budding partnership. Future plans may include:

  • Hands-on workshops with UAS equipment
  • Collaborating with academy leads to develop aviation weather and UAS-related curriculum content
  • Exploring opportunities for academy students to shadow BLISS team members and potentially participate in research activities
  • Collaborative projects between BLISS and the Aviation Academy By investing in local education, we’re not just sharing knowledge – we’re helping to shape the future of atmospheric science right here in Norman.

Stay tuned for more updates on our educational outreach initiatives and how they’re making a difference in our community!

Dr. Tyler M. Bell
Dr. Tyler M. Bell
Research Scientist

Tyler is a Research Associate in CIWRO working on using ground-based remote sensors and WxUAS to advance the understanding of various boundary layer processes. He is acitvely exploring ways to optimally combine data collected from WxUAS and ground-based remote sensing.

Lydia Bunting
Lydia Bunting
Research Associate

I joined CIWRO as a research associate in July 2022, where I assist study of the atmospheric boundary layer through processing, analyzing, and organizing data collected by the instruments contained in the Collaborative Lower Atmospheric Mobile Profiling System (CLAMPS).

Dr. Antonio R. Segales
Dr. Antonio R. Segales
Research Engineer

My research centers around developing small unmanned aircraft systems for adaptive atmospheric sampling which involves CAD modeling, systems optimization, hardware and software integration, and control theory. I have led the design of the CopterSonde series of vehicles, which is used to perfrom controlled and targeted weather sampling at high temporal and spatial resolutions. I am also advising other projects in which sensor integration or new UAS are required.