BLISS Welcomes Dr. Otavio Acevedo: Expanding Our Expertise in Atmospheric Boundary Layer Research

The BLISS (Boundary Layer Integrated Sensing and Simulation) team is thrilled to announce the addition of Dr. Otavio Acevedo to our research group. Dr. Acevedo joined the University of Oklahoma and BLISS in 2023, bringing with him two decades of experience as a professor at Universidade Federal de Santa Maria in Brazil.

A Wealth of Experience

Dr. Acevedo’s impressive background includes:

  • 20 years as a professor at Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil
  • Extensive research in atmospheric boundary layer dynamics
  • Expertise in observational, modeling, and theoretical studies

Expertise in Tower-Based Measurements

A significant aspect of Dr. Acevedo’s research background is his extensive experience with tower-based measurements. His work in this area is particularly noteworthy:

  • Long history of research using tower-based atmospheric observations
  • Leadership role in projects involving the Amazon Tall Tower Observatory (ATTO)
  • Expertise in collecting and analyzing data from complex forest environments Dr. Acevedo’s work with the ATTO has been instrumental in advancing our understanding of atmospheric processes in the Amazon rainforest. This unique observatory, standing at 325 meters tall, provides unprecedented access to atmospheric data above the canopy, offering insights into:
  • Vertical profiles of atmospheric properties
  • Long-term monitoring of climate change impacts
  • Interactions between the forest and the atmosphere This experience with tall tower observations will be invaluable to BLISS, especially as we continue to develop and implement advanced atmospheric monitoring techniques.

Research Focus

Dr. Acevedo’s research activities primarily center on the atmospheric boundary layer, encompassing a wide range of applications and tools. His particular interests include:

  • ABL structure
  • Amazon forest atmospheric dynamics
  • Atmospheric turbulence
  • Stable boundary layer processes
  • Turbulence parameterizations in models One of Dr. Acevedo’s key strengths is his ability to synthesize observations from diverse surface characteristics, generalizing processes and applying this knowledge to improve turbulence representation in atmospheric models.

Educational Background

Dr. Acevedo’s educational journey reflects his deep commitment to atmospheric sciences:

  • PhD in Atmospheric Sciences (2001) from the University at Albany
  • MS in Atmospheric Sciences (1995) from Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
  • BS in Meteorology (1994) from Universidade Federal de Pelotas, Brazil

Contributions to BLISS

Dr. Acevedo’s expertise will significantly enhance our team’s capabilities in several areas:

  • Expanding our understanding of boundary layer processes in diverse environments
  • Improving parameterizations for atmospheric models
  • Bridging observational data with theoretical frameworks
  • Advancing our knowledge of turbulence in stable boundary layers

Looking Ahead

The addition of Dr. Acevedo to the BLISS team opens up exciting new avenues for research and collaboration. His experience with the Amazon forest ecosystem brings a unique perspective to our work, potentially leading to new insights into atmospheric processes in complex environments.

We anticipate that Dr. Acevedo’s contributions will:

  • Enhance our observational strategies
  • Improve our modeling capabilities
  • Expand our international collaborations
  • Provide new mentorship opportunities for students and early-career researchers Please join us in welcoming Dr. Otavio Acevedo to the BLISS team. We look forward to the valuable insights and expertise he will bring to our research endeavors.

Stay tuned for updates on new projects and findings as we integrate Dr. Acevedo’s expertise into our ongoing work in atmospheric boundary layer research!

Dr. Elizabeth N. Smith
Dr. Elizabeth N. Smith
Research Meteorologist

Elizabeth joined NSSL as a research meteorologist in January 2020, where she focuses on boundary-layer processes relevant to near- and pre-storm environments and convection initiation.

Dr. Otavio Acevedo
Dr. Otavio Acevedo
Associate Professor

Otavio Acevedo has joined OU and BLISS in 2023, after 20 years as a professor at Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, in Brazil. His researches activities are mainly in atmospheric boundary layer, covering a wide range of applications and tools. These include observational, modeling and theoretical studies. He is particularly interested in bringing together observations made at places with different surface characteristics to generalize processes and apply this knowledge to the improvement of turbulence representation in models.