Dr. Melissa Wagner presents in NOAA Three Minute Thesis Webinar

BLISS group memeber Dr. Melissa Wagner presented in the NOAA Three Minute Thesis Webinar Thesis on 10 December 2021. Hosted by the NOAA Regional Collaboration Network in a webinar format, the series borrows from a format used by universities across the country: selected colleagues from across NOAA each have one slide and three minutes to present on a specific topic. The webinar also includes time for questions from the audience. This venue is NOAA-wide and a great opportunity to bring awareness to the broader community about the work Dr. Wagner and the BLISS group is doing!

Dr. Wagner’s presentation is available as part of the Three Minute Thesis Archive. Check it out!

Dr. Elizabeth N. Smith
Dr. Elizabeth N. Smith
Research Meteorologist

Elizabeth joined NSSL as a research meteorologist in January 2020, where she focuses on boundary-layer processes relevant to near- and pre-storm environments and convection initiation.