Matthew B. Ammon

Matthew B. Ammon

Undergraduate Research Assistant


I am an undergraduate meteorology student at the University of Oklahoma, graduating spring 2023. I have worked with BLISS since March 2022 using CLAMPS lidar data collected from the VORTEX-SE and PERiLS field research campaigns to analyze the behavior of the atmospheric boundary layer in the southeast United States during severe weather. I have explored various case studies where I analyze how lidar data can be used to quantify boundary layer processes related to convective initiation and tornado-genesis. I have also looked into differences between lidar observations and forecast model guidance to gain insight into why event outcomes did not unfold as expected. Currently, I am researching how terrain impacts boundary layer processes related to the initiation and evolution of convection along the eastern boundary of the Mississippi Delta region.

  • Boundary Layer Meteorology
  • Convection Initiation
  • Tornadogenesis
  • Remote Sensing
  • BS in Meteorology, Expected 2023

    University of Oklahoma